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I would estimate that around 70% of my cards sell at the Asking Price. I price most inserts at 75% to 80% off and most Game Used 60% to 70% off. I would further estimate that about half of the offers that I receive are at the minimum 50% of the asking price.

Good cards with good prices will always move quickly. You have the power of not accepting or countering offers so I would encourage you to experiment a little bit with your pricing strategy to see what works best for you.

Originally Posted by phs View Post
Just a quick question for long time comc users--what percent do you usually run as outright purchases compared to offers?
I'm slowly getting some material together to send and I was just wondering if its better to just drop your price to exactly what you want or do you constantly get offers regardless of price?
I was making a few purchases to flip later on if the guys heat up and I was trying to group 10-20 together with the make an offer thing and it is a fairly slow process because you have to filter back in the results you wanted every time you click add another card to the offer. Is there a better way or that it?
Thanks in advance--
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