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Originally Posted by BucksBandit View Post
Screw the card to be named later. The admittance is payment enough! Loving the group of members in this break! Good luck CALIVINXLIONSX81
This is a great group of folks. Sure, we've had our disagreements in this relatively new relationship, but what is a group orgy, er, break, rather, without them!

I think we're all excited to see what Topps has in store with this year's Chrome.

Originally Posted by kvwjw View Post
That's a big 10, the other half was sold to Calvin for 1 million dollars and a box of chocolates
You did the right thing by waiting for him to offer the chocolates. For whatever reason, I wasn't worth enough to him to make that kind of offer

Originally Posted by CALVINXLIONSX81 View Post
Yeah, thanks man
OP has been updated. Glad to see you found your way back into the break! And thanks for admitting what we've known all this time
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