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Default Revival Is on Fire

Im new to this whole comic game, but this Revival comic book seems to be on fire. This past week I stopped by a comic shop I never went to by my work and picked up a few regular cover #1s for $2.99 and one variant #1 for $8.00. Solid price and cheaper then $30 I had spent two weeks prior off ebay for one of each. Well with all this money ive spent on comics the past few weeks thanks to Indy and all the other people giving tips on here, I went ahead and listed a set on ebay and it just sold for $55.00. Im tempted to head back and pick up the other number 1s the shop had. For 2.99 I don't see the downfall. Watch now they all be gone if I go back. Is this typical of new stories to come out? Should I expect a crash in the future or is this possibly a series to hang on too and possibly really cash in down the road. I myself personally have enjoyed the first 2 issues and hope it continues for a long while. How does everyone else feel about Revival?
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