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Trout has played 20 less games also. The reason that I would pick trout at this point is because he is a big reason as to why the teams is where they are, pujols wasnt hitting and he was helping the team get to where they are at this point. I am not saying cabrera didn't with the tigers, but if you try and compare rbi's and hrs well 20 less games and Trout hits LEADOFF. He does his job and he does it damn well. Cabrera has more rbi's but look where he hits in the line up. I thought josh hamilton was going to run away with it but his past few months has knocked him out of it. There is still 1/4 of the season left and I think that if the Angels don't make the playoffs then Cabrera is going to get it. Also im looking at the tigers playing 19 games still against the indians, twins, and royals where vs the angels playing 3 against the royals and the rest of their schedule some pretty good teams. I think if cabrera keeps going then he will win it but im hoping for trout because he got me wanting to find Angels games to watch. He got me excited about baseball again. If cabrera is playing then meh ill see him on sportscenter but trout and what he had been doing has got back to feeling like a kid again watching games. Trout at this point has impacted the league the most in my opinion.
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