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Originally Posted by hard2guardtoo View Post
I'm down for a random spot. Are we allowed to trade teams after team random for every break.
Trades are allowed after the random for each break.

Originally Posted by CoachBill24 View Post
I'd like to be in for slot #24 please! Thanks. And slot 28...slot 28 is for my buddy Steve. As soon as he gets a blowout cards forum ID he'll post in here too!
Originally Posted by Chronodon View Post
Can I get in for slot 21, you do Canada right? I might take another spot, but I'll let people get in first.
Yep, Canada is fine. I'll just shoot you a shipping total when you want me to send your stuff.

Originally Posted by Snowboy View Post
Spot 6 and 10
Got everyone down for the slots requested. Thanks

Who else wants in? Only 7 slots remaining, so hurry up and get in.
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