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Originally Posted by TheHeel View Post
With the playoffs approaching, are we still allowing multiple pitcher pickups? Or will there be a set playoff roster?
I was wondering about this also. Usually in most fantasy leagues I have been involved in, the rosters are locked at playoff time. Sometimes the Commissioner will allow pick-ups for injuries during the playoffs. I'm not a big fan of re-cycling rosters everyday.


I had a fantasy basketball team that I only drafted caucasion players. I made the championship round and my opposition made daily changes picking up players knowing that I wouldn't select them. We ended up in a tie at the end of the championship week.

Also, there are only 6 teams making the championship round. There are 14 teams in league #2. Maybe these managers knowing that they out of the the championship bracket might decide to cut players due to the interest that they have in the league. I know in group 2 we have some managers that like to make alot of moves, but they are staying within the rules that have been set-up.

Freezing rosters in the playoffs is why drafting a team is important, and Gm's should be awarded for making savvy selections during the draft.

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