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You're a Silly Billy...

Originally Posted by houdini View Post
Hey Max! There you are...

I noticed you have been able to post in here a lot. Pretty impressive post total in this thread. Pretty impressive.

Oddly, there is a thread over here (looking)... ah, here it is:

Calling out MAXE0213

This thread has been waiting for you to answer. Something about getting caught in a lie?

I figure you must just not have been able to find it. If you have trouble, just search for your username in thread titles. Then out of those results, find the most recent call out thread. That'll be the one.
The Deflategate truthers are like one of those doomsday cults that declare the world is going to end at a certain date and time, and when it doesn’t, they just say “Whoops! We were slightly off in our math,” and then just pick another date.
Also, David Ortiz thinks he is bigger than the game.
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