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Default Rate my Team

12 Team league, standard scoring. Had the 5th pick in a snake draft. Flex league as well

1. Tom Brady
2. Jamaal Charles
3. Fred Jackson
4. Ahmad Bradshaw
5. Vincent Jackson
6. Eric Decker
7. Robert Meachem
8. Kevin Smith
9. Peyton Hillis
10. Lance Moore
11. Dan Bailey
12. Dustin Keller
13. Seahawks
14. Greg Olsen
15. Matt Cassel

SL looks like this

QB: Brady
RB: Charles
RB: FJax
WR: VJax
WR: Decker
TE: Keller
Flex: Bradshaw
DEF: Seahawks
K: Dan Bailey

wish I had a better backup than Cassel, but Smith, Sanchez, and Bradford all were the same bye week as Brady
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