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Decent PPV overall IMO. Glad to see Jericho get the win in what might be his final match (let's hope not!).

Tag match pissed me off royally, seeing as I'm the PTP biggest fan. I guess the tag division really is dead

Bryan over Kane was nice. These two work well together. We should see a couple of matches between the two in the near future.

Sheamus "beats" Del Rio: heel turn for sheamus IMO, with a "face" turn for Del Rio. Good match, should be a rematch between the two very soon. Title needs to come off Sheamus.

Punk over Cena and Big Show: great match IF Punk holds until RR. If Punk loses at NOC this'll have been an awful outcome.

Lesnar over Trips: good match with a perfect ending. HHH wasn't ever close to beating Brock, he got manhandled. Perfect way to set up either Brock/Taker or Brock/Rock

If it weren't for the Kevin Rudolf segment (WHITE TRASH ALERT) this would've been, IMO, the 2nd best PPV of the year (after WrestleMania). It falls behind Extreme Rules because of Rudolf's bull crap.

Fred Durst though, LOVED IT.
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