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Default Indy Comic Pick: My Little Pony

This may not be one you'll like to read, but my gut says it will be HOT.

It will have 6 different covers, as well as 1:10 variant cover, and a special variant you can only get if you order the comic through your local shop.

If you're looking to flip some books, this one could be quite popular as it has a HUGE audience (Remarkably so)..

Just a heads up if you're into this type of book/flipping potential.

Yes, I'm pre-ordering it and I'm NOT a Bronie.

Note: The book is written by Katie Cook, who has done killer art on books, but this is her first exercise in actually writing one. She's a smart cookie and could make this book fun to read.

Midtown has them available for discounted Pre-Order now
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