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Originally Posted by nephinfan View Post
Do you suggest all of them, or just the 6 book set, or etc.?
If it's anything like Adventure Time, it won't matter, but to be safe, pick up some of variants as they're not much more than the standard copies.

Since the 6 regular issues will be random, get 6+ of those, as many as you want of the variants, and at least 1 box set. That's what I've done. I'm thinking the box sets will catch fire as they'll be limited and much harder to get and the Little Pony fans will want them big time.

This series, even though I don't watch it, really, I don't... really.. is SUPER HOT. I have a feeling this book will be too, so don't kill your wallet pre-ordering, but get a few in case it does explode like Revival did and you can make a few bucks to pay for your other habits/hobbies.

hope that helps.
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