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Default WTB Menu Covers

I know "WTF" is what most of you will think

I am looking for 3 fold clear menu covers.
Double stitched 8x11 would be the smallest I would want.
Used is fine as long as they do not have gouges in them
What I am looking for looks like the following

They are called Tri-Fold

I would possibly interested in 2-fold if they meet the criteria of being double stitched and no rips/tears/gouges

I staples these to the wall and insert comics in them. Looks nice and is a lot easier to remove books from and add more as well as they do not identically fall down and get damaged


If there are enough,that meet the above criteria, I MAY be interested in single slot

I need these to be black as I have 31 tri-fold on the wall, already black,already stapled in and going with another color would be a pain in the ass

Let me know !
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