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Originally Posted by KB81 View Post
Guys I really didnt think this would fill so damm fast!
Kudos to you all!

But i will need untill the 4th to pay up. I can however pay a deposit to help in holding down the presale price.

Please let me know if this is ok with you all. If not i really dont mind being bumped off (i should of read the OP more carefully).
Originally Posted by hobbiewt View Post
I am in the same boat, I also wouldn't be able to pay til the 4th.
Since this is the case, and since we are such a small group, I will make the deadline the 4th. To those two who already paid, if you would like a refund until the 4th I am OK with that. I do want to lock in the price though so I do need to put a deposit down.
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