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Originally Posted by BengalsJayhawks View Post
This is definitely stacking up to be one hell of a set. I hope they do add Andrew Lincoln & Sarah Wayne Callies as well. Id just like to have all the main characters. Im not sure of the actresses name but Maggie would be nice as well.
Lauren Cohan. And yes please!

I haven't thought about this until now, but I just got the slight feeling that they may try to stretch one or both of them out to be introduced in the 3rd season card set. I mean, after those two, they are running low on new main attraction signers (Andrea, Carol, then Michonne/new characters which I know nothing about because I don't follow the comics and don't want the show spoiled for me). I may be way off base and wouldn't at all mind being wrong on that, but I thought it might be a possibility because of how well received the card set has been.
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