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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
payment sent for my two cards.

Snyder can you note on my two cards as Minimum BGS 9.5 or no slab
Originally Posted by Zoop View Post
Sending my cards today via UPS. Will PM tracking number once the deed is done. Slipped a note for minimum 8.5 grade on my cards, but is that something you're supposed to check off on your end?
Originally Posted by ninjacookies View Post
Oh, sorry bud...but can you please make a note with my cards when you receive them (on the forms) to not slab unless at least a 9.0 overall? Please acknowledge when you receive them, thanks!
SWEET LORD! Did anybody put post it notes on each card? Hopefully depending on how you packed them I can sent them that way to BGS. If not, there's much writing and post-it itting to do!
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