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Originally Posted by ragingmensan View Post
This is a great observation! I didn't know about this until now but I figured it out after doing a little research. You'll notice the following things:

-All of Ervin Santana's facsimile cards have that signature, even after 2004.
-This "Johan Sanatana" signature doesn't match his authentic signatures since his cards have been out.
-His facsimile doesn't match the facsimile of NYM's Johan (which in turn matches Johan's authentic). Given this, it becomes clear that they haven't been using Johan's signature for this the whole time. Sooo...
-As Wikipedia will tell you, Ervin Santana's birth name was, yes, Johan Santana. This is what he went by until 2003, and this is how he signed the contract that his facsimile signature had been pulled from. He changed his name shortly after signing this contract to avoid confusion with the star pitcher on the verge of his own national exposure.
A+ for your research on Wikpedia! This is definitely very interesting to say the least.
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