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Originally Posted by cubfan131 View Post
Has anyone else sent in cards this month and tried to use the $10 blowout credit? I did and was charged the full amount. I didn't know if I will be getting it back when the cards go live or if they missed it on my order sheet.
I haven't submitted cards through the website process in a long time, since some of the changes were made. Do they put a hold on your funds when you fill out the submission form or when they receive the cards? If its when you fill out the online form, then you will probably get the $10 back when they receive the cards. If they've already received the cards, then it is probably an oversight. I think the instructions said to include your Blowout user name with your shipment, requesting the $10 discount... so if you did that and they have the cards and its still wrong, I'd either call them on Tuesday or e-mail the staff account.
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