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Originally Posted by joltedman View Post
I agree with what you said. It's just when I think of high end, that's what I think of. I think of $500/box. That's what the hobby has done with "high end" stuff. I would just like more patch cards and limited autos. Right now the market is flooded with autos. I mean just looking at ebay last night, I seen a Chuck Liddell auto selling for roughly $16!!!!! That's insane to me! When I think of ex champs that were mega stars I think of high $$$ auto's. Now Topps can't put a UFC/mma product out that retains it's value. So a high end product that's a bit different is great but are they doing it because Knockout 2 didn't sell as well as they predicted? I love the MMA/UFC cards but getting a former champ/legend auto out of a $120 box that sells for $16 is really depressing to me. lol. These "high end" cards like Knockout 1 & 2, just don't retain value. Granted this "Bloodlines" release has some new stuff in it, I just don't think it will hold value either. They have to do something different and stop flooding the market.

i know what you mean about that...couple months ago when KO12 was still relatively new...i put a bid in on a GSP Full contact auto /99...and i ended up winning it with like a $42 bid...i was shocked...full contact is a sharp looking and popular auto set and he is one of biggest names/worth most...and got it for $40...i remember browsing ebay like a year ago and all of his stuff always seem to end at you can get anyone base or /200 or less auto for under $40 basically...i also got a J.Jones auto/relic from KO12 for $36...was equally shocked by that....

now the big sellers are just the "1st auto" guys/girls cuz all the superstars have 1000 autos per release now...very watered down...which will start happening to baseball with trout i bet too...
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