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Originally Posted by roc21 View Post
it wont fit (thickness) in a regular poster type nee a shadow box frame..they come in different thicknesses....a framing store will charge $250-and up, to do it...i had a mark messier auto'd rangers jersey framed about 8 yrs ago, paid $300..
theres different types..some have a front glass door that opens and you just hang the jersey on a clothes hanger inside -I dont like this look-sloppy.
you can do it longways, or fold the jersey just below the numbers and have the frame sideways- i like this look
im gonna do my marino auto'd jersey myself....i priced the frame alone was $166 at the art store..made to order, not sitting on shelf....i just saw online a good price on a jersey frame (link below) with options for colors, adding a picture or not, etc..for only $110..then do it yourself..put foam board inside jersey, fold sleeves the way u want, use straight pins to hold all in place(the frame store sews it down)...there are videos on youtube on how to do it.....just google framed jerseys, then hit images up top to see many styles..

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thanks for the advice and link man.Mine is still zipped up in the plastic bag wishing i could afford a nice frame to place and display it properly!
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