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I don't think you can really get unbiased opinions about what truck you should buy from a message board. We all have different experiences, you just need to do your research and find what fits best for your needs and finances.

Just like everyone else I can pick sides but they are biased. My nephew went from a Chevy to a Ford and in no time he started have major engine problems, he went back to Chevy. I have owned two Chevy's over the past 18 years. My brother and I have basically had the same truck for the same amount of time, only difference between his/mine 2003/2002 and he has 4WD. Neither of us have any complaints. My brother-in-law has had everything but a Ford. Personally I would never buy a Ford but that doesn't necessarily mean they are bad. Like anything else, any manufacturer can have something come off the line that is a POS.

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