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Originally Posted by upsbroker06 View Post
Do you guys even look at these or just rubber stamp the damn things. He has the case priced at $990 and it is available on the BO site at $825 right now.
So when the price changes I'm suppose to keep track of that? Prices in the thread where correct as of when the thread was approved/posted. I fully reviewed this break pretty close to a few days after it was posted. its been 9 days since it was posted (due to host approval process). Its assumed that if the cases are less the price breaks are given to the slot holders, but I have no ideas on what prices cases are sold to for the breaks, thats between the host and blowout.

I've sent my response to blowout in regards to this as I'm the one that posted and approved the break and they can post my response to them if they'd like.
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