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Well addition #327 comes via Shillville....cost me 3X what it should have. I hardly ever put a max bid anymore, always snipe. But, I figured, meh...they are going for $10, so I threw a bid of $22.64 up. Lo and behold, I am outbid. Hmmmm....bidder has 58% bids with seller.

So...I email the seller (kddtoys) and question if I will see an bid retractions...I get the "I am not sure what your talking about, they buy from me a lot"....yea okay, they pay 3X was the item normally goes for? Yea, right. There ended up being a third bidder, not sure where they came from, but there were other Toon's out there with way cheaper BINs to be bought than the bids they were throwing around. I have to call Shenanigans.....anyways here is my new addition via SNIPE

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