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Default Ebay Buyer Disappears, Any Ideas on what I should do?

Back on July 16, auzzie1310 on ebay bought a Jason Heyward 08 BC Gold Refractor auto from me. He paid promptly and the card was shipped on the 18th. I just got it back in the mail because USPS says he never came to sign for it. It looks like he bought a bunch of Heyward golds in July, so I would think he was a legit buyer. Now I can not get a hold of him to find out if he changed addresses or wants it shipped somewhere else. I would refund his payment, but I'd still be on the hook for the seller fees unless he agrees to cancel. Does anyone know him? I am not really sure what to do with it, seems wierd that he would not notice never receiving a $450 card.
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