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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
Unless the card is a short print, it won't be near $300. WD1 autos were not shorted the way the VD, BBT, Fringe, and Smallville ones were shorted. It's true that Reedus and Bernthal signed less autos than Carl and the others, but not that much less. If they treat WD2 the same as WD1 in terms of production, you will find Rick autos within a week of release for $100.

Also, Reedus was $40-$50 upon release. Yes he had two but it took a lot of time for that auto to jump that high.

Some people have short memories.
You've already got the success of the Season 1 cards to build on, and this is the main character of the show with the most ravenous fan base out there now. Neither of those were going for the first set upon release, yet it was still a massive success.

There is so much demand for this card right now, even if it isn't that short-printed, I think the demand will be enough to drive the price skyward right out of the gate.

I hope I'm wrong so we can all add Lincolns to our collections for $100.
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