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Originally Posted by Dacubs View Post
my main question is...if you win a prize in the promo, seems like the only fair thing would be to random it again the exact same way....with 160 slots....seems like a great idea for a cheap entry in, but the return is pretty low as well...but put me down for slot 16 anyway

also, are you shipping out all the cards or only the hits
The idea was to ship out all of the cards, hits and base. I originally had planned on running this format with exquisite and a cheap case of some sort but I don't know if blowout will be getting anymore Exquisite. Anyway, I'm probably going to switch this over to just a regular team break now that Certified is out.

Originally Posted by JChrist1732 View Post
I believe '11 certified is sold out, correct?
Yeah, the Certified sold out already. I submitted this on the 24th, when it was still in stock.

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