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Default High Roller's Multi-Sport Case Break Club - 2012-2013

Welcome to the High Roller's Multi-Sport Case Break Club

This is an exclusive High End Case Break Club

Here, we will ONLY break cases of expensive product. Be it Baseball, Football, Basketball or Hockey. There are only 15 open spots for this monthly break club. I will have one spot. Members may only hold one spot each.

Monthly Commitment: $100-200 per member

The above monthly commitment will vary with products - some products offered by the case are $3000 and others are $1000. Each product will command it's own month's price. With any/all discounts and promotions (whether Blowout or Card Company) being passed-through to the club members via lowered spot prices. Each month's pricing will have a breakdown of the pricing for the Product and Spots, as well as shipping. This will be spelled out thoroughly each month. ANY "PROFIT or Leftover" UNDER $15, will be passed through to the next month. Anything left over $1 or more, per member will be refunded after each break ships. I will not hold more than $15 dollars "hostage", this is going to be as even a break as possible. If i lose more than $1 per spot on shipping or supplies i would expect to be repaid, eventually, somehow.

We may not break every month, for instance, if members would like to open a product that is about $3000, that will take 2 months to order.

This can be expedited in a few ways - every break will be around 30 spots or so, but we will have only 15 members. members who want in on only one spot for a $3000+ break, would simply owe their monthly allowance of $100-200. Other members may pick up the remaining spots to make up the difference. This will allow us to speed up the process and continue a month-month break.

Format of Break(s):

Format and Products will be decided monthly, this will be done to ensure a fair share of spots between all products and sports. Options include team random, team snake draft, player snake draft, hit snake draft and open to suggestions.

These votes will be held monthly, tiebreakers done by a MOD via

All randomizing will be done by MODs.

The breaks will be Hosted LIVE on BlogTV - Pits024 is my username

Rules for Break -

1 - No trading or selling spots outside of the club.
2 - This is a CLUB Break - the host is reserving one spot per break. Please be sure you are cool with that before joining.
3 - If a card worth $200 or more is pulled for your spot i will ask you to pay an extra $4 for signature confirmation and insurance.
4 - The host reserves the right to refuse spots to anyone, or revoke spots from spot holders, should that need arise (banned, or otherwise incapacitated or unable to participate are included).
5 - Trading and Selling must be confirmed a minimum of 1 day before live break.
6 - Unlike my other breaks i WILL allow members from outside the US to join. However, they will pay the necessary shipping charges for each shipment requested.
8 - If a member wishes to give up their spot, a list of back-ups which will be established ASAP will be used to offer a new membership, first come first serve.
9 - If a member's spot is revoked, or that member be incapacitated for whatever reason, we will follow rule #8 in order to establish a new member.
10 - Potential members that have expressed interest in a feeler thread via the baseball section will have first dibs on spots and will be notified.

Member List:

1- vwbus1978
2 - shanehw
3 - nhsportsguy
4 - orangejello727
5 - mcgoo2
6 - MikeYoder
7 - BucksBandit
8 - boardermartin
9 - KB81
10 - pikeman80
11 - 711 Cards
12 - swingman
13 - vintagebaseball
14 - murphy1313
15 - hohlernr
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