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Mr. BOHICA this is our submission. The first part is narrated by Matthew Fox, when the action hits it goes to Brad Pitt, then after the action ends (and Bratt Pitt dies) Matthew Fax comes back for the tagline. Max Brooks was the author (Mel Brooks' son). Brad Pitt is taking the lead on this one. In the book, it's done all in the past- meaning it's narrated through interviews, but the war has already been "won" and he was recapping the entire thing through a report after interviews. not sure which way they're going with the movie, but it sounds like they are going with a different route, where he's trying to stop it from happening.

either way, the most captivating scenes are probably the battle scenes. I suggest we take the Battle of Yonkers scene and run with a major part of that as the trailer. In the book, it was the first major battle between the US military and the undead. and the US got their asses kicked.

So first scene- The US preparing their battle lines and formations at the mouth of a bridge. Show tanks and artillery and infantry in full MOPP gear digging fox holes. Maybe an image of a confident looking general in front of a war map (or digital video with a real-time map).

Second Scene- show the undead following the last of the civillians running through the bridge to safety. Have this POV from behind the front line of the zombies so they can see the military off in the distance prepping everything but still coming.

then a bunch of cuts of the action. Massive artillery shelling, tanks firing, planes dropping bombs, etc.

Cut to an infantryman's perspective and have him jumped by a zombie, close-up on the teeth coming toward the camera.

Show the military retreating in disarray, and one plane dropping a massive bomb on the main body of the zombies as the tanks and trucks retreat.

as the smoke and dust settles, show the destruction, and show more and more zombies just walking through un-touched- be sure to show it in a way that makes it clear there is nothing living remaining on the field of battle. And just show the ridiculous amount of zombies still just coming over the bridge.

boom. trailer that hooks zombie fans and military action fans. Also, it was an early point in the book and the "war", so it doesn't give anything away while making things seem dire for humanity.

oh, make sure there is a bit of Brad Pitt sprinkled in there so the girls know he's in it. Perhaps at each cut-away to the new scene, you can have like a 1-2 second cut of the main stars at different points of the movie to know that they are all in it.

Voice-Over would say something like "The Best, Most well funded military in the entire world is setting up to stop the undead menace for once and for all. All of the best machines of war and munitions are ready to be dropped right on the head of the zombified citizens of New York City."

action starts.

scenes end.

"All the best weapons in the world lose..." (Fox says this)
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