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MR. BOHICA! Here is 9 Guys 1 Cup's ACTUAL submission, authorized by our Project Manager SCB and via ilovethelakings:

Voiceover: Solanum (long pause)
-Scene of dead body on the ground not moving. Only the backside of the dead body can be seen.
No one who who succumbed to it had ever heard of it before
-Same body now twitching
Nobody knows how it started
-Same body twitching even more
Some say it was God’s or nature’s revenge on humanity
-Same body starts rising from the ground
But it did something unexpected, something unprecedented
-Body continues rising
It united the world to fight one common enemy (long pause)
-Body now fully raised and turning its head
-Focus on zombie’s face while it turns its whole body and slowly moves toward the camera
(Quick cut scenes of main characters/actors mixed with action scenes and dramatic music lasting about 7 to 10 seconds in total)
Voiceover: World War Z (pause)
This is humanity’s last stand.
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