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I think it is a crime that Ted Simmons is not in the Hall of Fame. He was one of the best hitting catchers to ever play the game. He had almost 250 HRs, 1400 RBIs, 500 doubles, and 2500 hits while batting .285 for his career. He is arguably the best switch hitting catcher of all-time. He held the record for his position in the career hits and doubles category, until Ivan Rodriguez broke them (possibly with a little help...wink wink) For 7 seasons, he led the Cardinals in RBIs, which is quite an accomplishment of someone who plays his position. He was an 8 time all-star, won a Silver Slugger award, and caught 2 no-hitters. He was unfortunately overshadowed by the other great NL catcher of his era, the immortal Bench. I really hope that he is voted in one day by the Vet Committee because he truly deserves to be enshrined, especially considering the borderline members who were voted in by the writers as of late.
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