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Default 2011 Leaf Comes to an End.....

well after not being able to find anymore sealed cases, I desperately started scrounging for loose boxes. I ended up finding 9 for four different places

In the end I opened a little more than 25% of the 249 cases that were produced of the 2011 Leaf Poker Porduct

Nothing two great was pulled, here are the best two cards along with a Negreanu Diamonds #25/25

I pulled a lot of great cards, a few that didn't seem to surface on the boards, Ebay or with the other Poker collectors include;

Any of the (4) Brad Garrett Stacked Deck Aces numbered of 4 - I spoke to Brian Gray from Leaf, he says they were signed, but I wonder if you notice how the pen he was using seems to have been on it's last legs on the other cards he signed. Maybe the pen died before he signed the Aces??? I pulled at least one of all the other SP Aces and saw many others on Ebay and posted breaks, but never Brad Garrett aka Robert Barrone

Also I know of only on of the 5 Doyle Brunson Clubs being pulled and it sold BIN for $69.99, obviously the guy did not know what he had. I'm not aware of anyone else having one of the other 4 Clubs /5 cards. I know of two of the Chan Clubs /5, I pulled one of those.

I know the Spades /1 of Chan and Brunson were sold on Ebay. Also I pulled and sold at least one each of the Brunson and Chan Hearts /2 and Diamonds /3. Also the Pocket Pairs Red /2

I'll be listing the LAST of what I have on Ebay, it's been a fun ride
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