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People collect all kind of weird stuff, here is why I opened so many cases

1. I like to play poker

2. It's a limited set - only 249 cases and there can only be 11 complete sets made due to the SP of the Doyle and Chan, I have one of the 11

3. Good value - the most I probably ever lost on a case was 25% and aggreagrate probably broke even and built some cool sets. Whereas opening The Cup, National Treasures, Baseball I lost probably close to 40% with all added together

4. dealt with a lot of great collectors, never once had any problems when trading/selling cards. Everytime i forget to send a card in a large lot, the people were very understanding and patient, thank you!

5. This is to be the last Poker only set from some time

6. Brian Gray - I spoke to him a number of times on the product and a couple concerns, he always answered honestly, quickly and directly

7. Some cool cards, the Stacked Deck set was one of the best ideas ever

8. I'm addicted!
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