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Originally Posted by Cujobyte View Post
SO, technically this is a year old already, since it's 2011. Not quite the "junk piles" imo.

2011 LEAF POKER Doyle Brunson AUTO 4/4 Ace of Clubs SD-DB1 INSCRIPTION WOW | eBay

Not sure why I'm defending these, as I haven't bought any. But it's this type of behavior that has driven people away to the other boards. (and yup, I'm sure these guys are just trollin, but still..)
This Doyle Brunson Ace may have been the coolest card in the entire print run of 14,940 cards - all of which were autographed and all but Annie Duke's 100 or so cards were on card autographs
Peter Jetten (Poker) & David Duval Super Collector
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