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Originally Posted by neahcrow View Post
Awesome! I wasn't aware of anyone who put the complete map together. I actually was out of the loop in 2011 and wasn't even aware of the state cards until this year but knew I had to complete the set. I've been obsessed with geography, maps, traveling, and the states/capitals since I was 5 years old and my sister forced me to learn all of them lol.

I have about 1/3 of the set so far- I've been very patient not paying more than $60 dlvd for any of the cards. I know I will have to pay more for Florida, New England, etc. I'd be very interested in any that people are looking to move that I don't have yet. When I have them I am going to put it together and get it framed with my grandfather's help who is a carpenter and can make a really nice frame.

In real life after this year I'll just have 2 more states to go to in order to have visited all 50- Alaska and Hawaii! I can't wait to have that "project" complete as well.
Which ones do you have so far?
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