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Default Selling Auto's and Jersey with scans $1 dollar shipping

I'm selling the following Auto's and Jersey cards (most of them are numbered specially the Panini cards) and here's the rules:

1. 3 cards any combination (Auto's or Jersey or just auto or jersey) your choice for $10 dollars
2. Shipping will only be for $1 dollar - cards will be ship in padded envelope
3. Form of payment - Paypal (goods) only.
4. No international shipping only in the US
5. I will not sell individual cards. Selling only as a lot of 3 cards.
6. If you buy - $10 (I'll give you a free insert/parallel numbered card)
$20 - free Jersey or Auto plus insert parallel numbered card
$30 - free Jersey, Auto and insert/parallel numbered card
$40 or more will get you a 2 Jersey, 2 Auto and couple of numbered cards.
7. All free cards will be of my choice.
8. Send me a pm if there's anything that your interested or if you have any questions about the card at as I can reply quickly. Thank you.

Looking for Paul Pierce and Boston Celtics.
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