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So many great choices have been brought up and hard to compete with. While I agree with many of them and the stats, I would have to also say Pete Rose.

As a player he was out to play the game hard every day he put on a pair of spikes. His stats are well known and rivaled by his style of play. The sad thing is he was banned from baseball for gambling on baseball. The travesty is MLB has nothing to do with the HOF. He should be in the HOF and we all know that the amount of money and pieces of history that are worked in to the HOF from MLB is the reason why he is not in. We all know that politics are a part of everyday life in everyones life. this is no different.

The only other sad story of who is not in is Buck O'Neil. Buck was an ambassador to the game after putting up great numbers while over coming the hardship of racism. It is terrible that he was not put in before his death and to TRY to fix that mistake the HOF put a statue and award in his name. Not what should have been done. Anyone who ever met Buck would know he belongs.
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