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Default First Ever Chargeback Advice

Well, I got my first ever chargeback last night. I am glad it was not a huge card it is only a $12 charge, but I am still not very happy about it because I am guessing Paypal will side with the buyer.

I am posting to see if I have any chance of winning. I am guessing if I win I will get negative feedback though.

Here's the situation: I get an e-mail at about 2:00 am Central time saying a buyer filed a chargeback against me claiming the purchase was made without authorization to use the credit card. I was very surprised because this buyer has not contacted me once yet and the auction ended on July 25 and he promptly paid after the auction ended.

Here's were I'm guessing I'm really screwed, the tracking number gives different information when you click on it in Paypal or on Ebay. The last item it says on both these sites is, "Delivered to Processing Hub for international delivery." The problem with that is the item is not going out internationally unless the guy is having his mail forwarded their. I printed the shipping to go to his verified paypal address.

The interesting this is if you enter the tracking number on the USPS website it says the item has been delivered to the correct place.

Sorry for sob story almost every ebay seller has gone through, but I needed to get it all out and am wondering if I have any chance of winning and not getting negative feedback?

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