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I agree with many of the aforementioned, especially Jack Morris and Dale Murphy in the "modern era" and many of the old-timers.

More than 500 2B's, 1250 RBI's, 2200 Hits. More career walks than SO's (1283 to 1202). A career BA of .312 and career OPS of .933 ...

He also played his entire 18 year career for a single team. The award for his position is named after him. He was also a pretty decent 3B before a series of unfortunate injuries took away his lateral mobility. If you look at off the field stuff (like the BBWAA does in a negative light for Shoeless Joe and Pete Rose), he is a shining light of humanitarian efforts and noblesse oblige.

Edgar Martinez. If a closer can be in the HOF, so can a DH.
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