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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
if we're going for the goofy name, i guess jihad wins. can't imagine that winning in the hearts and minds of americans though, so i think it will test poorly.
Sorry, it's just how I do

Although I think the team name would work really well, they'd be the team people love to hate. I mean think of the most hated teams now - the Cowboys, the Patriots, the Yankees in baseball - all decidedly super American team names yet people hate them. Kinda weird. With the Jihadist, it's like we're already begging people to hate them, so every away game would probably sell out. I agree it might be a little tough to pull in home fans, but the Jaguars already have that issue with a family friendly name (as do other Florida teams) so I think you need to do something extreme to get fans in. And Jihadist is DEFINITELY extreme.

I know the mustache mascot would firmly capture Jacksonville's hipster crowd, so there's like 12 fans a game right there. Beyond that we could have the stadium tie in with the name - like 72 cheerleaders (aka the 72 virgins of Islam), tons of fun alcoholic drinks (the specialty could be a twist on the Irish Car Bomb) and our fan section could encourage dressing up. A controversial team for sure, but if Chief Wahoo can work for the Cleveland Indians we can make Shalid Khan's mustache and terrorism work for us!
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