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Okay, so I was messing around with Photoshop with the Jihad team, and I actually got really amped about the Gladiators idea. I made them an image - it's here:

Kinda the opposite of the Jihadists since it's SUPER American, but I think they'd be really fun and the best part - THE HALFTIME SHOW WOULD BE AMERICAN GLADIATORS! Tell me people wouldn't pay for that experience. You could even have a fan experience place where fans could beat the crap out of each other with the double ended stick thing and do American Gladiators type events.

And the other best part - HULK HOGAN COULD ANNOUNCE GAMES! He lives in Tampa and he's already tied in with the new Gladiators, so it's a perfect opportunity. And sure he's not a football mind like Madden or something, but I'd love to hear him say "That's a first down BROTHER!" and I think Jacksonville fans would agree.

I made an image for the Jihadists too, but it's even worse than my above image:
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