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Default Heres a gr8 idea

ok so i call this idea of mine


heres how it works

u start out with 4 groups
There can be 20 participants in each group.

Then .... each of the 20 users in each group will make a nfl, nba, mlb, or nhl lineup (all the lineups have to be in same sport so u should say what sport it is)

then everyday each person faces another person in there group so u compare lineups and then !!!! THE USERS SHOULD VOTE ON WHO HAS THE BEST LINEUPS

then after 19 days the teams would have played everyone else in there group (each team plays another team 1 time and each team has 1 game a day)

then after the 19 days then we have 4 people from each group move to the playoffs then they play the playoffs and whoever wins in the 1st 2nd and 3rd places can get prizes like heres a suggestion on what 1st 2nd and third should be rewarded

1 case that cost lower than $400

half of boxes out of a case under $350

3 boxes that the total cost is under $175

I TOOK ALOT OF TIME ON THIS SO PLZ make this idea be promo or plz do something like it!!! thx
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