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Default Need help funding a box of Prime. Cup Cards FS/FT: Rangers Jagr Lundqvist Patches

So, I've seem some of the breaks so far and the cards look sweet! and I'd like to buy a box for myself.
Unfortunately right know I don't have the funds to do so. I need 200 in order to purchase a box so here are my cards. Beneath them are the prices I have them listed for on ebay. I am looking for offers if you don't agree with a price. even if we aren't close.

Here are my remaining cards from my most recent purchase.
There are scans in my bucket
Pictures by Bcct12Sports - Photobucket

All Prices are USD paypal Dlvd OBO

Or Best Offer

They are for trade if traded in my favor (SV wise)

07-08 jagr shanahan lundqvist PATCH /10. The Jagr Patch is a logo piece from the shoulder patch of their alternate jersey $135

I also have the Jersey Version

07-08 jagr shanahan lundqvist JERSEY /15 $70

10-11 quad PATCH 5/5. Lundqvist Gaborik Dubinsky Drury. I Think the Drury piece is a logo. $100

I also have the Jersey Version

10-11 quad Lundqvist Gaborik Dubinsky Drury JERSEY /10. $60

06-07 Lundqvist Hot Prospects PATCH /10. It is 3 colors $70

10-11 Trios Gaborik Lundqvist Dubinsky PATCH /10 $55

I am bcct12 on FeeBay (330+ feedback 100%)
I am bcct12 Sports on SCF (60+ feeback 100%)
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