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Originally Posted by studioU View Post
OP, the only thing that worries me with your lineup is the RB position. Forte is a great #1, if he stays healthy, but after that there are lots of questions. Can Bush stay on the field and produce like last year? Will Blount get any carries? I like your WR depth myself and I think Garcon will be great this year. Fred Davis is also a great TE and is a terrific value where I have seen him drafted. So, here is my annual league with family and friends. We moved to keepers this year and I have to say I like it. I kept Drew Brees and ended up with the 5th pick in a 10-team league.

Week 1 starters (may change)
Fred Jackson
Ben Tate
AJ Green
J. Finley
Texans D

O. Daniels
S. Rice
Daniel Thomas
Steelers D
N. Burleson
Yah in my draft I think 4 or 5 teams took RBs first. I was low on the draft the first round so still the big hitting QBs were gone but I was happy to get Stafford. I think that Bush has the ability to reproduce last season, even more so since he missed a few games last year. I took Garcon because RG3 made it apparant that he is his primary reciever.
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