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Originally Posted by Whodatiz View Post
That is the one of the most ridiculous things I've read, but to each his own.
2010 Stats with 6pt Passing TD league. Difference from 1 to 6 is a whopping total of 31.6 points or less than 2pts/game. So what happens if any of the following occurs: Peyton is Peyton, Rivers and Vick bounce back, Stafford is now a top 5 QB, Eli improves or Matt Ryan makes the jump. You have way more QBs that are putting up "Elite" stats.

Tom Brady 355.01
Michael Vick 348.21
Aaron Rodgers 346.32
Peyton Manning 336.45
Philip Rivers 330.19
Drew Brees 323.41
Matt Ryan 291.69
Josh Freeman 291.43
Matt Schaub 284.46
Eli Manning 284.4
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