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Originally Posted by friarbolt View Post
I'm with going QB first overall based on the settings. 1/2 a point per completion is HUGE. You are talking 5-10+ points per week in the bag before anything else comes into play. QB's in this league should be posting 20-30+ points every week easily.

Now because it's PPR a case can be made for going with an elite pass-catching RB first overall. So you can make a case for guys like Rice, Foster, etc. at number one. But even with that on a good day those guys are looking at 20-30 points. That's just the low end of what a QB could post under these settings. A guy like Rodgers or Brees goes out and throws 2 touchdowns on 10-15 completions and he's already breaking 20 points before you start totaling up yardage stats.
Brees in his BEST year ever had 47 more completions than Stafford or 23.5pts which is less than 1.5pts a game in relative value. The sixth most completions was Romo and that would be equal to a grand total of 3.8 more pts a game. A lot less in relative value than what one of the top 3 RBs would give you.
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