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Originally Posted by HighEndHits View Post
Brees in his BEST year ever had 47 more completions than Stafford or 23.5pts which is less than 1.5pts a game in relative value. The sixth most completions was Romo and that would be equal to a grand total of 3.8 more pts a game. A lot less in relative value than what one of the top 3 RBs would give you.
With a lot more yard and touchdowns. Completions was only one factor. Plus it's not just stats it's everything. The sure thing week to week in this league is a QB because of the settings. Also assuming this is a snake draft it will be a heck of a long time between picks if you pick first. If most teams are thinking the same thing lots of the top Quarterbacks would be gone by the next pick. Drafting based on your position comes into play, better to get the surefire elite QB and rest easy.
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