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Originally Posted by Sqeeshy View Post
If some younger members can't participate in B/S/T then it does, to an extent, ruin it for them. I am 16 and I use my own money that I earn from work, through my mom's Paypal (w/ her permission) to do all transactions. I consider myself very mature for my age, and if I couldn't use B/S/T how would I get cards that I want?
There's no need to have mommys Paypal. Have your mom open a debit card, i believe AMEX and ING bank has one for Kids under 18. Its free of fees as well, and you can use it to shop online, shop in stores, where ever AMEX is accepted.

If you don't want to do that, then just ride your bike to CVS, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven etc and get a Visa or Amex gift card. There is a $5 service fee, but if you buy them in large increments, ($150-$300), it's not too bad. I ride my bike to go get one if im feeling like buying and when im low on paypal. It gives me a sense of independence, which is fun to have as a kid.

It makes it even more rewarding to see a prospect that you have been watching pay off, or when you buy a nice card (or many) for your PC.

Sorry for my rant, its just annoying for people to think that they need their Mom to shop online as a minor.
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