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Originally Posted by F5 Penguin View Post
I'm in agreeance on the deals b/s/t side of things. In some states it's even against the law to make a transaction over the Internet with a minor. So on that, yes, they should not be dealing, esp for the reasons you mentioned.

Otherwise, let the boys be boys. I'm 25 and was on forums at 13 learning the ropes in this hobby among others. I have no issue with most of the young ones on the site and would hope the older generation would take kind and help them out when in need.
I second this notion. I believe minors aren't held legally responsible to an online contract. That's why it needs to be cosigned by a legal guardian.

Edit: Straight banning or restricting anyone from a discussion forum (ie. anything but b/s/t) seems like a knee jerk reaction with no real merit besides "kids are annoying."
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