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Originally Posted by a-train10 View Post
In my opinion, the buying/selling/trading isn't the problem. Look at the younger members who posted in here. Thier feedback is fine, maybe a mark here or their, but overall, it's no worse than some adults on here. I think it's the silly threads/posts that we (Myself included) post. I have no issues buying and selling here. Occasionally, I'll get the lost in the moment, and post a silly comment here or there. Should I be banned, or not allowed to do what I like most because of it? Just because I'm not 18 doesn't mean I can't enjoy this hobby just like everyone else. I can handle my transactions like an adult. I'm not going to let other younger members ruin my experience here because they can't act like an adults when needed. i dnt typ like dis, I feel as if I contibute positively to the community, but some may say otherwise.
I just would like to say that you are a shining example of what minors can be, on this board and in this hobby. You make well thought out posts, don't draw attention to yourself for stupidity and are a very good trader/seller/buyer,etc.

In fact, I like you (and your contributions) so much, that I would take you out for ice cream (if I was allowed to....stupid Megan's Law ).
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