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Originally Posted by a-train10 View Post
Yeah, to be honest with you, this site has really kicked off my collecting. I used to by a few packs of cards here or there, but this site is where I learned about prospects, about when the next local card shows are, all the fakes and whatnot being sold on eBay, and that you could buy and sell over the internet.

Before I joined here, I'd only buy retail (Back then, I thought everything was the same and didn't know retail from hobby) from Walmart. Now I know a lot more (Which still isn't much compared to the big guys around here) about the collecting community.
And that's fine, but I'm saying the transactions part should be limited. You said you came here and learned about all the different places you could buy and stuff, and Strasburg just mentioned how he learned about prospects. You didn't need to sell something here to learn that.

I'm not saying don't let minors buy and sell here, I'm saying let other members know who they are dealing with. I'm sure many here will still do transactions with minors, but this gives the opportunity for those that don't to know who they are trying to make a deal with.
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