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Default 2012 Leaf Ultimate Basketball Case Break - Hit Draft

This is a case break of 2012 Leaf Ultimate Basketball (6 boxes) - Hit Draft

Please send paypal payments to:
*only put username, Nothing Else* Thanks

Payment Deadline : September 20th

Each Box contains 3 HAND SIGNED PREMIUM STOCK CARDS (or 2 cards plus a memorabilia redemption)

NOTE: This product is a Pre-Sell item. Approximate Release Date: Fri, Sep 28 2012.

18 total Hits

Break will be live on blogtv. Once this fills and everyone pays, a Mod will randomize the list 3 times to determine the draft order for this break.

After the case is opened, all hits will get scanned and added to this thread, along with a list typed up for each card. Draft picks can start immediately and the time clock for picks will start the next day at 3:00pm Central. You will have 1hr between picks to get your pick in. If you fail to get your pick in, the card at the top of the list that I have typed up will be given to you. If you think you might miss a pick, you can send me a message with an order of picks that you would want next.

If we get more interest than the 18 spots, we will add another case to this break, combining both cases and having 36 draft spots.

Here is the price breakdown:

$499.95/18 = $27.78
$3 shipping/supplies = $30.78
Paypal fees = $1.19 = $31.97

So, we will go with :
$32 for the first spot
$30 for each additional spot

Configuration: 6 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 3 cards per box.

Leaf's first premium release in Basketball is sure to excite collectors worldwide. 2012 Leaf Ultimate Basketball hits the market in late 2012 with a rookie and superstar checklist built to deliver.

Each Box contains 3 HAND SIGNED PREMIUM STOCK CARDS (or 2 cards plus a memorabilia redemption)

Look for top 2012 draft picks and highly coveted veterans in this set which features:
- Base autographs: autographs of all subjects with multiple parallells including 1/1's!
- State Pride: our ever popular National Pride theme evolves into a celebration of the states of the player's home school or team
- Numeration: this popular set returns with ultra-limited autographs numbered to the player's jersey number!
- Rim Rockers: this set promises to excite, featuring those players known for their powerful play at the rim!
- Inscriptions: this unique set features inscription cards from many of yesterday and today's top names!
- Karl Malone JUMBO PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: much like our Ichiro Patch auto from 2011, this gorgeous jumbo patch autograph card and its parallels should instantly become some of the most coveted Karl Malone cards ever made.
- Memorabilia Redemptions: look for memorabilia redemptions for incredible autographed items, including: Barack Obama Signed Basketball, Lebron James Signed Jerseys, Michael Jordan Signed Jerseys, Kevin Garnett Game Worn Shoes and Much More!

Here is the draft order for the break:

1.Rpetrovi Karl Malone Patch Auto 98/99
2.Myth Jae Crowder Inscriptions 24/25
3.CP3toOKC Dennis Rodman
4.samuel1219 Bradley Beal State Pride
5.Bwagzz Tony Wroten 1/5
6.tuxedokitty Bradley Beal
7.Dacubs James Worthy
8.jkneer Perry Jones III 05/10
9.samuel1219 Perry Jones III Rim Rockers
10.tuxedokitty Bernard James 09/25

11.Gohansmy Terrence Ross 11/25
12.poipounda Robbie Hummel
13.Harris2033 Marquis Teague

14.Rpetrovi Perry Jones III
15.Big Jared Cunningham
16.barbosa10 Tornike Shengelia
17.Kingbudd John Jenkins
18.txmike Orlando Johnson

Here is the Pre-Ranked Draft List:
1. Karl Malone Patch Auto 98/99
2. Jae Crowder Inscriptions 24/25
3. Dennis Rodman
4. Bradley Beal State Pride
5. Tony Wroten 1/5
6. Bradley Beal
7. Perry Jones III Rim Rockers
8. Perry Jones III 05/10
9. James Worthy
10. Bernard James 09/25

11. Terrence Ross 11/25
12. Robbie Hummel
13. Marquis Teague

14. Perry Jones III
15. Jared Cunningham
16. Tornike Shengelia
17. John Jenkins
18. Orlando Johnson


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